Acres Due Diligence Demo: Hancock County, Illinois

Learn how to use Acres Premium to conduct fast due diligence.

What You'll Learn

This demo video, featuring Hancock County, Illinois, is designed to enhance your understanding and usage of Acres' due diligence tools for land acquisition. You'll learn how to quickly find parcels, evaluate historic land use, assess soil quality, and even delve into property taxes. Beyond these basics, the demo will showcase the unique benefits of using Common Land Unit (CLU) settings alongside insight layers for more comprehensive analysis. Whether you're a seasoned land investor or exploring your first purchase, this demo will equip you with valuable knowledge to make informed decisions and speed up your due diligence process.

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Demo Hosted by Jake Hofer

Jake is an experienced LandProz broker, who offers comprehensive services for buyers and sellers in central Illinois. As a proud landowner and principal owner of Exodus Outdoor Gear, he combines his marketing expertise with top-quality products and exceptional customer service. Jake also hosts The Land Podcast, bridging the knowledge gap in land ownership and investment. With his experience, integrity, and local expertise, Jake ensures exceptional service in every transaction.



I'm going to show you how easy it is to perform due diligence by using Acres as a tool. So, I found a parcel that's coming up for auction that has some unique attributes. Here it is. It is expired CRP. There's 55.20 Acres that are recorded with the FSA.

Let's go find this farm and see what we can learn. So, we're going to type in Hancock County, Illinois. We're going to go find this. It was in Carthage. So, here's Carthage Township. This was the section it was in. Let's go ahead and toggle to parcels.

So, this is the farm right here. It's 83.6 Acres. Let's see what we can learn here. So, I'm going to use one of my favorite tools to get an idea of what's been happening on a farm in a very fast fashion. It's the historical imagery tool. This is the imagery from 2019, 2017, 2015. It looks like it was in production of some sort. 2014 looks like it was in production.

It looks like there's a couple of ponds on it. That's how to see almost 10 years of history or five cumulative years of imagery from a farm in a quick manner. Now, let's look at the soils on this Farm. They mentioned there were 55 approximate FSA Acres on the parcels. Let's go ahead and select these and then we'll look to see what the soils are on this particular parcel.

They're right there, about 56. Let's click the insights button and see what these soils are like. So, 96.3 PI here in Illinois. We can actually toggle over to see what parts of it. So, 34% of the fields are 118 PI. It looks like some of the higher parts of the field. This low spot has really rich soil and you can scroll down here and see all the different soil types that are on the tillable ground.

Now, let's go ahead and see what else we can find. Let's use the flood tool. Let's look back to parcels. You can see that there's a creek that runs through where it may get wet seasonally would be my guess. Property taxes, let's go ahead and find out what these were. We can select through the different tax years and see what they've been. So, in 2020, they're 900 dollars.

Now, let's say we want to take a step further and see some of the comps in this area. If you're not familiar, you can actually zoom out, look at courthouse data with the premium subscription. Let's find a farm that may be a similar price range to where do we think this might land. Let's look at this 80-acre farm.

This is McDonough County. Click that, we'll go right here. So, we're comparing an 83-acre parcel with an 80-acre parcel. As quick as this, we can look at the sales date. It sold on September 1st, 2022. Here's the buyer and seller. 106 PI, pretty similar. And as the crow flies, it's not far from this farm. So, you can go in and find comparables in a quick fashion, perform due diligence fast, move on if the farm's not of interest, or learn more and dive into all the tools that are available here on Acres.

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