Acres Release Notes: 02/13/2023

Shareable custom maps and new boundary tools are now live.

This release is packed with new features, and we're thrilled to finally share them with you! 

Shareable Custom Maps

Now you can embed custom maps into listings or website pages, export them into a PDF as a property report, or share a link, like this one.

Your customizations allow you to include notes and photos, adding rich context to your map.

Note: You can create and share 3 custom maps for free. Upgrade if you need more!

Here's what it looks like:

New Customization Features

Customizations now include more options for adding shapes, lines, text, and icons to map out a property.

We highly recommend the pivot tool. It's a team favorite.

You can find the big blue Customize button at the top of the Selections Panel to get started.

Acres customize and sharing options

Tip: For a complete guide to getting started with custom maps, check out this Knowledge Base article.

Custom Maps (1)

Boundary Tools

There's a new menu option on the left side of the screen called Boundary Tools. This panel includes several options for creating boundaries, which are editable shapes you can use in custom maps or to view Insights.

  1. Draw Shapes to create custom boundaries. You can draw polygons, rectangles, circles, or (this one is brand new!) pivots.
  2. You can merge selections into a single boundary, or convert selections into a boundary to edit it on the map.
  3. Upload a shape file (.geojson, .kml, .kmz) to import boundaries from other mapping software. This feature is available to Enterprise only.

In Other News: You Can Select More Sales!

Enterprise and Premium subscribers can now select up to 30 sales on their maps, and Enterprise subscribers can also save, generate reports with, and download CSVs with up to 30 sales.

Enterprise Subscribers Get Additional Parcel Details

Additional parcel data is now available for Enterprise subscribers, including:

  • Previous Owner
  • Easement Code Type
  • Zoning Code
  • Zoning Code Description