How do I create custom maps?

Learn how to create shareable custom maps on Acres.

In this article, you'll learn how to create a custom map, which you can share with a link, a map embed, or a PDF report.

Tip: See it in action. Watch the tutorial video here!

Create a custom map

First, you need to make a selection on the Plat Map. You can do this by selecting parcels or drawing a custom boundary with the Boundaries Tool.

Once you make your selection, click Customize in the Selections Panel.

You will be prompted to Start a New Custom Map.

To create a new map, enter a name and click Save Map and Customize.

Once you save the map, Customize options will open on the left-hand side of the screen.

How to Customize a Map

To get started, either create a new custom map or open an existing custom map.

This will open the Customize panel on the left side of the screen.

There are 4 customization categories: Shapes, Notes, Points, and Lines.

Autosaving: Your map will autosave changes while you work! You can view the last saved time at the bottom of the Selections Panel.

Drawing Shapes on the Map

Moving Customizations: All customizations can be moved! Simply click on the customization you created and drag it to a new location on the map.

Shapes allow you to draw on the map.

When you select a shape and hover over the map, it will provide directions on how to use the tool.

Shapes do not count toward the overall acreage of the map.

Adding Text to the Map

To add text to the map, click Text.

Next, click on the map where you would like to place the text.

This will open a dialogue box.

To edit the text on the map, type in the Label Text.

The description allows you to provide additional information but will not appear on the map.

Adding Points to the Map

Points allow you to mark unique features on the map.

To add a point, simply select an icon and click on a location on the map.

Adding Lines to the Map

Lines allow you to mark roads, trails, and other linear features.

Simply click on the type of line you’d like to add.

Click a point on the map where it begins, then draw the feature on the map.

Double click or press enter on your keyboard to finish drawing the line.

Formatting Your Customizations

All customizations allow you to adjust formatting.

Click on the Format tab in the editing box to open formatting options.

This allows you to adjust formatting options, such as color and opacity.