Video Tutorial: How to Create a Map Embed

Learn how to create a map embed in just a few minutes.

Tutorial Transcript

Getting Started - 00:00.11

Hi, this is Sarah Day with Acres. Today I'm going to show you how to create a map embed. For this example, I'm going to use a customized map that I already saved. So first I'm going to click saved maps. Then I'm going to choose this Sherman farm. From here, because I've already created this map, I could just open this overflow menu and select embed. But to show you what it looks like,

From the customization panel, I'm going to go ahead and open up this map.

You can see I've already drawn out all my customizations and it's ready to share. So I'm going to click share up in the right-hand corner under selections. I'm going to click embed code. Here I can deselect anything I don't want to appear on the map. In this case,

I'm going to leave these insight layers on and of course, I want to show the customizations. Depending on the platform you're using, you may be able to copy the embed link directly onto the backend or you may need this iframe code. Both are available here with just one click. To show you what this map looks like, I'm going to take this map link here and open it in another tab.

What an Embed Looks Like - 01:19.95

So this is what the map embed will look like. It will, of course, be smaller in size to fit whatever website or listing that it is on. But you can also send this custom map or any saved map directly to a client or colleague that doesn't necessarily have Acres. So for this map embed, you can cycle through soils, elevation, crops, and of course, points of interest.

for your customizations. You can also toggle on different base maps. So the Google map [...] topography, streets, light mode, and dark mode. If you have any questions about this, please be sure to check out our Knowledge Base. We have lots of support articles available to you. And of course, get in there and try it out for yourself.

Example Map Embed From Tutorial