How do I save comparable sales data to a selection?

Learn how to save comparable sales with your subject property on Acres.

First, search for the subject property on the Plat Map. You can enter an address into the search bar or use Advanced Search filters.

Select the subject property by clicking on the parcel(s) on the Plat Map.

Next, open the Sold Land layer.

Screenshot of where to find "sold land layer" on

Click More Filters to add and adjust the filters based on price per acre, total acres, and sale dates. You can also filter by Source or Comp Type.

To sort data in the table, click the Price/Acre, Acres, or Date column headers.

Screenshot on how to find Price/Acre, Acres, or Date

Select a sale on the Plat Map to view the associated sale data.

To add the sale to your subject property, click Add to Your Selections.

Screenshot of how to add to your selections

Tip: You can add multiple sales to your subject property by clicking Add to Your Selections for additional sales.

Once you are ready to save your subject property and sale(s), click Save in the selections panel and name your subject property.


Screenshot of how to save your subject property

Tip: Discuss naming conventions with your team so that you can easily tell items apart in your portfolio view.

This will save the sale(s) and your subject property to your Portfolio dashboard, where you can view price per acres statistics, add or edit sales for the subject property, or export to CSV.