Acres Release Notes: 9/15/2023

New data, increased acreage limit for report generation, and important update for accessing courthouse sales data.

New Layer! Introducing the Timber Site Index

Acres Enterprise now includes a timber site index, giving you insight into the measure of forest productivity at a sub-parcel level and a detailed site breakdown based on your selected tree species. Request more information here.

Courthouse Sales Now Require a Subscription

Courthouse sales have been moved into our paid subscription tiers. You can continue using this feature with a Premium subscription or higher

Report Acreage Limit Increased to 10,000 Acres

Now, you can generate a report for up to 10,000 acres. To generate a report, select your parcel(s) and click Report at the top of the selections panel.

You will receive an email with your report attached. For large selections, please allow several minutes. (It’s a lot of data, after all!)

The Little Things

  • The flood and water layers now load faster than ever.
  • “Listings” is now “For Sale” in the main map menu.