How do I customize maps using the mobile app?

Learn how to customize a map using the Android or Apple mobile app.

Getting Started

Start by either tapping the Customize button in the menu at the bottom of the screen or selecting an existing saved map. 
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If you tap this button without a map already open, you will be prompted to create a new map, or choose an existing saved map. If you choose to make a new map you will have to give it a name.
Once a map has been chosen, the Customize panel will appear.
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Placing Points

You can select from one of sixteen point options to place on the map. Once placed, points can be moved by tapping (Android) or long-pressing the point (Apple) and dragging it.

You can update the point's title and description, change the fill color, border color, and opacity, and also add photos.


Adding Photos

You have the ability to add photos to a point they have placed on the map by going to the +Media tab.

You can also take or upload a photo first, and a new point will be placed automatically.

With either option, you can select Camera to take a photo in that moment, or select Photo Gallery to choose an existing photo.

photo popup

Working with Saved Maps - The Top Bar

When a map is initially saved, or an existing saved map is opened, you will see a top bar with the map name and an overflow button. 

top bar

From the overflow menu, you can rename, customize, share, or delete maps. This overflow menu is also present on the table rows in Saved Maps.

overflow menu

This overflow menu is also available on the right side of the table in Saved Maps.

overflow menu2

Working with Saved Maps - The Selections Panel

Once a map has been saved (or an existing map is opened), the Selections panel will have new buttons.  The Unlock Boundaries button allows you to alter selections, and the Customize button will launch right into the customize view

selections panel-2

View Customization Details

You can tap a Customization card in the Selections panel to be centered over the corresponding object and see the details about it, including any uploaded photos. You can view details this way, or by simply tapping a point on the map.


Expanded Photo View

Photos which have been uploaded to a customization can be enlarged by tapping on the thumbnail. This will allow users to see all of that glorious detail. See below for a stunning example.