Celebrating One Year: A Look Back on Big Releases

6 highlights from the past year and a big thank you to our users.

As Acres celebrates its one-year anniversary this month, it's a perfect time to look back on the progress this platform has made in revolutionizing land data and research. Throughout the past year, Acres has become an essential tool for land professionals, buyers, and sellers, empowering them to make quick and informed decisions.

In one year, our team has worked hard to innovate and build new features to meet the needs of our users. Here are a few highlights from the past year.

Multiple screenshots of Acres features.

1. National Rural Property Sales Database

Addressing a critical need in the market, Acres' data science team has built a national sales database that includes both non-disclosure and partial disclosure states. This resource is updated weekly and gives land professionals easy access to recent, detail-rich land transaction data from coast to coast. You can learn more about this database by booking a demo with our team.

2. Easy Access to Land Data

Acres has made significant strides in increasing the availability and accuracy of its land data, which has set a new industry standard. This dedication to providing high-quality, reliable data has been a game-changer for many users, empowering them to make confident decisions. While our team takes pride in our progress, we remain committed to continuous innovation and ensuring that our users have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information possible.

3. Timber Mill and Site Index Layers

Our team is passionate about finding ways to bring greater transparency and access to rural land data within the Acres platform. In a recent update, we released the timber site index layer and announced a partnership with Forisk Consulting, bringing their timber mills database into the Acres platform for easy data visualization and research. This helps timberland investors to quickly evaluate supply chains and forest productivity at a parcel level.

4. Transmission Lines and Substations

This year, Acres also added an interactive transmission lines and substations layer. This feature is incredibly useful for planning and development projects, where having an understanding of electrical infrastructure is essential. Users can now utilize this layer to effectively plan their projects based on the proximity and specific details of the power infrastructure.

5. Property Reports and Quick Market Analysis

At Acres, we are passionate about making data easily shareable outside our platform. That's why we have introduced several updates for report creation in the past year. Our users now have the ability to personalize and export property reports as a PDF, create quick market analysis reports as a CSV or PDF, and export comparable sales data to CSV for a subject property.

6. Understanding Water Availability in California and Nebraska

In just one year, Acres has made significant strides by introducing interactive water layers for California and Nebraska. These user-friendly layers allow individuals to effortlessly explore the availability of water for any specific parcel, serving as a starting point for conducting in-depth research on district and regulatory information that can impact the value of farmland.

Final Thoughts

While we're proud of the progress we've made this year, we're most grateful for the many users and partners, who have helped us shape Acres. Every new feature and improvement is made with careful consideration of feedback from users like you.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback. Keep an eye out for new releases and big updates in year two!

You are always welcome to reach out to our team to report bugs and request features.