Acres Release Notes: 4/24/2024

The latest release includes the ability to lock boundaries, large property reports, and more!

Lock Boundaries

You can now lock boundaries, including parcels, FSA, custom boundaries, and imported boundaries. This helps you avoid making unintentional changes to a map you're working on.

Note: This feature is available for Enterprise subscribers. Reach out to our team to get access.

To lock a boundary, click the lock icon in the selections panel next to boundaries, like so:


Large Property Reports

Are you an Enterprise subscriber working on BIG properties? Great news! You can now export simplified reports for properties up to 100,000 acres or 100 selections.

There are no extra steps. If you generate a PDF report that is larger than 10,000 acres, you will be prompted with options for larger reports.

Small Updates

  • The overflow (three dot) menu next to Boundaries in the Selections Panel now contains the option to merge or convert all open boundaries to a custom boundary.
  • The overflow (three dot) menu next to Custom boundaries in the Selections Panel now allows you to merge all custom boundaries.
  • Increased limit on the draw tool to one million acres.
  • Show radius of pivot while drawing.
  • Show radius of circle while drawing.
  • Now, when you open the Saved Maps panel and select a map, it will show you the customizations without opening the map.
  • Updated Sold Land Crop Type filter to be able to use the newer 2023 crop data and have that be the default year for that filter.