Acres Release Notes: 3/13/2024

New insight overlays for custom maps and team collaboration tools!

Insight Overlays for Custom Maps

While working in custom maps, you can now toggle on the elevation, soils, or flood layers. You can adjust the opacity and draw over these layers to indicate specific elevation points, soil types, or flood zones and wetlands.

Team Collaboration Tools for Custom Maps

For teams using Acres Enterprise, collaboration tools for custom maps are now live on desktop! This includes the ability to toggle team editing on or off as well as the ability to duplicate maps.

  • Team editing allows you to choose whether or not to lock your custom map or open it up for other team members to edit.
  • Duplicating a map copies all boundaries, sales data, map customizations, labels, notes, and attached files (excluding generated reports and CSV files).

Additional Parcel Details

    Where available, Enterprise users can now also view the following parcel details:

    • Previous Sale Date
    • Previous Sale Amount
    • Document Type
    • Document Number
    • Document Book Number
    • Document Page Number
    • Title Company Name
    • Number of Buildings
    • Universal Building Square Feet
    • Year Built
    • Improvement Type
    • Improvement Condition