Over $25 Billion in California Farmland Transactions Analyzed in Inaugural Report

Acres’ Curated Sales Database Provides Insight into Central Valley Farmland

May 2, 2024 Fayetteville, Ark. —Acres, the land intelligence platform, announces the release of its inaugural California Farmland Values Report [<-- hyperlink report]. This comprehensive study offers invaluable insights across water districts and crop variety derived from real transaction data inside of Acres representing over $25 billion in permanent and annual crops in California’s Central Valley.

Harnessing Acres’ extensive transaction database, which comprises millions of land sales, the California Report delves into over 10,000 recorded transactions across key water districts throughout California’s Central Valley. From pre-pandemic to post-pandemic periods, spanning Q1 2018 to Q4 2023, the report provides a nuanced examination of California farmland values amidst rapidly changing economic, climatic, and market conditions.

"California’s agricultural land valuation is a multifaceted puzzle influenced by various factors such as crop markets, water access, and microclimates," says Acres Data Science Vice President, Dr. Aaron Shew. “Our goal is to provide anyone interested in analyzing land with a deeper understanding of these dynamics through rigorous analysis of real transaction data.”  

Key Highlights Include: 

    • Detailed Water District Analyses: Explore farmland values across California’s diverse agricultural water districts in the Central Valley for both permanent crops and annual cropland.
  • Trends by Crop Type: Gain insights into overarching trends for permanent crop types, including almonds, walnuts, pistachios, citrus, grapes and stone fruit.
  • Unparalleled Data: Leveraging Acres’ unparalleled farmland transaction archive, encompassing auctions, public listings, and courthouse-documented sales. 
  • Volume and Acreage Trends: Understand the volume of farmland transactions and total acreage sold across permanent crops, annual cropland and water districts. 
  • Mapping of Values: Visualize current market performance through price per acre by water district maps over the past few years.

For a comprehensive overview of California’s farmland values and trends, download the full report here

About Acres

Acres is a geospatial land research platform designed to improve land management and purchasing decisions. Using public and private market data, Acres aggregates and analyzes over 150 million parcels of land to enable users to better understand and maximize the value of their property. By providing access to a large and accurate compilation of land data, comparable sales, and parcel-level insights, Acres is designed to support fast, informed decision making. Acres is a subsidiary of AcreTrader, a land investment and technology company whose mission is to empower customers with advanced technology, data and expertise. Visit Acres.com to learn more.